The method of Brainturbo, which is a Hungarian or rather a World patent, goes back to the first researches of a Bulgarian psychiatrist, Georgi Lozanov. Lozanov has found out that learning is much more effective when the right and left hemisphere work in synch. Children can learn 25% faster than adults and it’s known that between age og 1-5 they spend 90% of their lives at alpha level, that’s why they master their mother tongue.
Lozanov proceeded to examine whether the human mind could be led down to alpha level. With help of a 4 beat baroque music and with proper light effects, within a peaceful and relaxed environment people can fall into alpha level easily.
The lessons learnt at alpha level are stored in long-term memory, therefore they are harder to erase that is to say are harder to forget. In great part due to nowdays technology, the recent measures taken in the group of Brainturbo’s students show that the words and phrases can be learnt 82% this way at alpha level and are still remembered after 3 months as well, meanwhile with the traditional method it is only 36%.
In our school we teach 1000-1200 new words and phrases, and with help of it our students will be able to speak the given language confidentaly.
Find out the technology of the 21st century and try out a free ( 2x45 mins) lesson.
Here, in a peaceful, silent surroundings you take a seat on a relax armchair in horizontal position. We put on a headphone on the students (to hear the lesson), video-glasses (to watch the lesson) and a so-called ’dry EEG’ set which helps measuring the waves of both hemispheres of the brain. After about 50 minute relaxation you’ll leave refreshed with a new store of learning and we are looking for your returning in 2 days when our trainers will elicit the knowledge stored int he long-term memory, to peripherial one by communication and practising everyday situations.
Register to our free lesson and try out our method. After finishing our course you can test your got knowledge by an exam showing how it has enriched. If your knowledge does not reach the desired level growth in that case you are free to come again free. Garanteed by the name of Brainturbo!
If you have any question, please call this number:
+36-30/464-0049 Mrs Kodák Mónika Laczik English Teacher


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